Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy

It seems like the world just stopped when I learned that the missing seven year old nephew of Oscar Award winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson body was found dead after a long agonizing weekend of grisly murder and mayhem on Chicago's Southside. It's unimaginable that a person could lose a mother, brother and nephew in one day at the hands of apparent sociopath(s). Friday, October 24, 2008 will be forever etched in our minds as a weekend of sad consequences that gripped our nation and all around the world as one of our most beloved entertainers experienced the unimaginable. Jennifer Hudson captured our hearts since she first appeared on American Idol and when later booted off to nabbing the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Dream Girls, her first film. We adore this very talented lady!

Perhaps it's Jennifer Hudson's lack of pretense and down home, girl next door appeal that has captured our hearts. Maybe it's her beautiful face, lush curves or abundant humility that has us loving our favorite daughter. We were stunned to learned Hudson lost her Mother, Brother and seven year old Nephew. It's tragic and a loss and pain most of us shudder to think about.

Whoever committed this heinous crime wanted to hurt the Hudson family so bad that they wouldn't recover anytime soon. This is most assuredly a hate crime. Jealousy and envy makes for fatal poison when fermented to toxic levels.

Mission accomplished. Jennifer Hudson and her family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and fans will never get over what happened; the shocking, senseless murders of a young, beautiful Hollywood Movie Star and Singing Sensation's family, but also as a daughter, sister and aunt we grieve. The Hudsons will get through this horrific period in time. How? Through the grace of God and the with the outpouring of love and prayers being showered upon this family.

I believe some great good will come out of this modern medieval tragedy.

Life is full of contrast/bittersweet, but we do endure!

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