Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blues

I don't like the winter very much. Snow can be nice for Christmas, even though, I can live without it even then. Living in the midwest, the winters can be harsh and long as this one is turning out to reveal. I make sure I take my vitamins and especially, vitamin B complex, they really help in keeping me emotionally balanced. Dancing around my apartment and playing You Tube videos help to lighten this most demanding time of the year. Whether watching television reports about the economic meltdown or looking at my own financial landscape and what I want to accomplish in this new year, I try to be as carefree as possible.

I finally get "worrying doesn't solve anything" and it doesn't! Regardless of the situation and some cases more than others can really test us and our committment to "Let Go and Let God." It's easier said than done, but after so many times at the rodeo, one learns. I still may worry, but I do get back to my center much sooner than when I was in my 20s.

In striving to maintain the most optimum carefree living, I work at overcoming obstacles as soon as possible. Nowadays I can relinquish my power and turn this over to God much sooner than before, I no longer believe "I'm in control." I have a clearer understanding of what I do control and that's my response to upheavals. The past couple of weeks were quite challenging, the "what could go wrong, did go wrong." But, actually, so much was what I anticipated than the actuality. Trouble-shooting to sometimes brace oneself for the worst can definitely take a toll on your peace of mind. When the seeming nightmares occur, I can better respond with "this is way bigger than me" and give it up, of course, after performing whatever treatments are within my scope and reach. Acceptance is so key in processing drama and getting back to the party. I do believe that "happiness is a choice" as I've read and heard others say.

So I've decided to let the sunshine in and emote positive energy, laugh a lot, dance, stay in motion, keep showing up and expect the absolute best in all situations throughout all the tracks in my life.

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