Thursday, April 30, 2009

President Obama's 100 Day Approval Rating

After watching our President's first 100 Day Press Conference, I'm convinced he was born to do this job. Of course, they're many in this country who don't like what he's done and are going to attribute the trillion dollar deficit that he inherited as his fault. You have to spend money to make money and we don't make too much here, so we have to create jobs going green and on infrastructure. The tea parties to protest taxation in this country was a tad bit late, these parties should have been going on when congress gave President Bush a blank check for a war that had nothing to do with 911 and keeping us safe, but instead was extremely lucrative for a few with unlimited war contracts at the taxpayers expense.

I give the President a grade of A, just for multi-tasking so well and restoring confidence and lending hope. Things are really bad for many Americans and it won't disappear overnight. He needs our help to rebuild this country, whether more of us mentor troubled youth, fundraise for worthy causes and raise awareness of social problems that plague us or recycle and practice greener living, we all can participate in the rebuilding of this country! Go Mr. President, I think you're doing a fine job and our First Lady, Michelle Obama is simply bedazzling and her focus on kids and families is inspiring and impactful. We should feel enthusiastic and optimistic about the future, the roads are looking good!

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