Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alicia Keys, "The Other Woman?"

There's been a serious buzz on gossip blogs and entertainment websites about the illustrious Alicia Keys. She has a new love, Swizz Beatz, a very talented super producer and rapper, responsible for hits for Beyonce, Jay-z, Alicia Keys and a long list of others. Well, unfortunately, love doesn't always come packaged in an ideal fashion. Swizz's soon-to-be ex-wife Mashonda twitted an open letter to Alicia Keys demanding that they have a discussion. She outlined what she perceived was a torrid affair that began during her marriage, while she was pregnant with her son, now two years old. I won't list the link, many have already read her rant. I'm not commenting about whether or not Mashonda should have taken this approach to find closure with the end of her marriage. I believe she has her motives and we live in a scandal and media driven society, what better way to capitalize on a loss, but to go pubic. Kanye West recently created a spectacle with the VMA Awards and it backfired. Mashonda is getting her spotlight, but is she really shining?

I can't take the open letter too seriously when Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz haven't issued a public statement to Mashonda's allegations. She says she's worked things out with her husband and they're in a good place. He's paying child support, she and their son are well provided for and the divorce hasn't been finalized. The settlement portion hasn't been worked out and some say she's holding up the divorce proceedings. I can understand, I greatly sympathize with any woman who's marriage fails and especially, when there's a child involved. But, blaming anyone other than her husband is unrealistic. If Alicia Keys was the catalyst for this man leaving his home and family, then Keys will have to deal with the backlash and it's not for us to judge, consequences will settle any debt owed. I'm sure AK will rebut this in her own time and fashion. She may lose some fans, but, she'll definitely survive this time and space! No one perception or misstep can define a person's whole life, career or persona. This is the price of fame, everyday situations are completely blown out of context without reason or having the facts!

Many women feel disappointed, the reality is that these celebrities or superstars are first human beings, who falter like the rest of us. This incident shouldn't cloud all of the great music she has bestowed upon us or her humanitarian work in Africa. In the end, Mashonda still won't be satisfied, no matter how much grief she causes Alicia. Stars are put on pedestals and eventually they fall or fade and the fortunate ones emerge.

I won't stop loving Alicia Keys' music, it's so needed!!! I don't hold her to a perfect standard, knowing we're all imperfect. Women are held to a higher standard than men, Russell Simmons, Usher, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Eddie Cibrian, Sean Penn and others, date and are photographed with the new women in their lives before their divorces were final without a firestorm of criticism.

Why don't we hold back assumptions and judgments and get all three sides of the story before we condemn and crucify Alicia Keys! I listen to what people say, watch their actions, not the headlines or media spins. Mashonda has done a well-crafted spin. Wouldn't you want someone to get your version of what happened before writing you off as a home wrecker. If Alicia was the cause of this marital breakup, don't worry, she'll never feel completely secure and truly at peace once the honeymoon is over!

Mashonda is a scorned woman, striking out because of her pain and loss. She should have equal anger for her husband, but she doesn't, she's in a good place with him. What could Alicia Keys possibly say to her to heal her wound? Of course, she'll have a relationship with Alicia and her child is involved, but this isn't the conversation she wants to have right now. I wish all them the absolute best and know someway, somehow this messy situation will work itself out and the child will be loved by all three adults and isn't this the most important issue at this point?

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