Monday, October 19, 2009

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian...Is it wrong?

They cheated on their spouses while making a movie. Left the one they took vows to love and cherish and probably thought they had found their real soulmate. Leeann and Eddie took the world on along with a firestorm of criticism, put careers in the balance, image and money for a love they couldn't deny. This couple is open with their relationship, divorces are in motion and life seems to have gone on for these two cheating hearts. Their spouses are left to get on with lives, Cibrian's wife with two kids. Is it fair? Why should we even care, isn't this personal business?

Well, someone told me something and I never forgot it, "passion has no conscious."
I do believe in destiny and fate and that some people were put together for particular reasons that we may never get privy to, but their work together was predestined. While hearts break and grieve, things do happen for a reason. Both of the jilted spouses have something to really look forward to and this is indeed a blessing in disguise. The difficult part is not to become bitter and angry where your health and happiness is corrupted. Don't wound for too long, get back on the horse and continue to believe in miracles. As for Leeann and Eddie, they have my well wishes, I have an idea they're going to need them!

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