Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet Poet Elizabeth Marino

Elizabeth Marino is a very talented and skilled poet residing in Chicago as her work has touched people around the world! Marino will soon release a new edition of her successful book of poetry, "The Book of Voices."  Be sure to check out Amazon and Borders and for this tremendous good read!

I Look for You

I looked for you in the rain
green paint curling to brown
your brown eyes liquid and faint

downcast, receding into the trees
of your tiny mock forest, avoiding what glistens.
I looked for you on the wind

for gusts fierce enough to pace off
the received boarders of the remnant prairies.
As I close my eyes and pray for sleep

there you are, rising and falling
that steady and soft breath at my shoulder.

To read more of Elizabeth Marino's work, click here>>


teacherneiu said...

Dear Alicia,
Just caught your blog this evening. (I know, I live a boring life.) But "Book of Voices" is the title of a section of Kurt Heinz's, which you link to, a terrific website to see a range of poets. It is still on-line. The "Book" is a special section devoted to writer portfolios. My chapbook (published after this feature) is "Debris: Poems & Memoir" (Moon Journal Press, Arlington Heights,2005.) This was reprinted with a fresh layout by Dave Gecic, of Puddin'head Press, in May of 2011. It is still available through . For an extra buck, they will mail it out to you.

Also, last week I got word that my second chapbook, "Ceremonies," will be forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press in fall 2013.

Again, thanks for your notice!

Elizabeth Marino

teacherneiu said...

That is