Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beauty and Success

Let me preface this article on beauty from the Economist as one I know is an issue in our society...external beauty is rewarded! I don't see anyone as ugly, some people are just more physically attractive than others. A person doesn't have to be architectually beautiful to be sexy, senusal, magnetic, dynamic, stylish, confident, engaging, interesting, caring, chasmatic and worthy. I believe there are very few individuals where a makeover can't improve his or her outer presentation by a 360 degree change. Much of the beauty we see in magazines or with celebrities is an optical illusion. If the everyday person had stylists and a complete glam team to pull together the best looks for us, from hair color and a flattering cut (think Katie Holmes Cruise) to makeup, garments, lighting as well as enhancements undetectable to the naked eye, more of us would be deemed beautiful.
Be confident, feel good about yourself, try new looks, determine your own personal style! Change what you can and accept what you've been given. Remember you're worthy of life's goodness regardless of how others may perceive you. Your beauty comes from within and some of us may have to tweak or get a makeover to uncover our individual style of beauty and that's ok. Feel it first (inner beauty) because you are a good person and live a fun-filled life of integrity and concern. You extend mutual respect, try to uplift rather than negate, your graciousness and generosity, along with all the things you encompass makes you beautiful. Define and feel beauty for yourself and the outer is just that much easier to master! It's about line, shape and texture. Perhaps, a new hair style and color or getting the opinion and help of a department store personal shopper to help out, speaking up for yourself and questioning things adds to your total beauty. The outer can matter significantly as we see on shows like Oprah with the breath-takingly beautiful makeovers she does. Sometimes, we really don't know the other people who reside inside of us! In 2008 let's find out!

Beauty and success
To those that have, shall be given

Dec 19th 2007

The ugly are one of the few groups against whom it is still legal to discriminate. Unfortunately for them, there are good reasons why beauty and success go hand in hand.

IMAGINE you have two candidates for a job. They are both of the same sex—and that sex is the one your own proclivities incline you to find attractive. Their CVs are equally good, and they both give good interview. You cannot help noticing, though, that one is pug-ugly and the other is handsome. Are you swayed by their appearance?

Perhaps not. But lesser, less-moral mortals might be. If appearance did not count, why would people dress up for such interviews—even if the job they are hoping to get is dressed down? And job interviews are turning points in life. If beauty sways interviewers, the beautiful will, by and large, have more successful careers than the ugly—even in careers for which beauty is not a necessary qualification. More>>

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