Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Like Minds...Synergy...Co-operative...Networking...Sharing

After much reflection and taking inventory, I've to some conclusions of "must-have" ingredients for living a good life!

Now I know the importance of being in synergy with life and this most definitely includes "people." It's so easy to make allowances for imbalances or incompatibility. Because even the worst person can possess some really good, if not great attributes. So our vision can become clouded as to what's healthy for us and what isn't. We are sometimes swayed by the good we see as we overlook the hell the relationship may put us through. As Oprah says..."what I know for sure" that it's important to have know what you like and what you don't...what violates your environment and your response. I found that I like mutual respect and's a good fit. I don't want to be around people in my inner circle who sorta like me, but I may get on their nerves in the process of just being me...envy and jealousy out of without caring...whatever the reasons, whether perceived or real...I want to keep company with people who think kindly toward me and highly of me...not without earning this endowment. I'm willing to work at my relationships. I have no problem sharing with those who can also freely share with me...whether it's support, concern, generosity, kindness, resources, people or my creativity...we do nothing all by ourselves...we do need one will challenge Suzy Ormone says "people control money"...networking is necessary for growth...getting the job done...cooperatively making things happen...imbalances prohibits...i found that there wasn't enough balance in my receiving and rectify the imbalance i had to check out myself...realize my self-worth and what I bring to the I might contribute to negative responses...what I should do about, i have come to the conclusion...while still being a work-in-progress...that I will be more honest about my needs...boundaries...more tolerant of opposing views...imagine how a disagreement might be valid...stay close to people who celebrate me...flow freely into my attention to the red flags...remember we train people how to treat us...allow exits...I'll come as close as I can to being what I desire in others...i won't settle...i'll do it with kindness...change is inevitable...the relationships we forged yesterday, may not be a good fit for who we are's not always easy to make the tough calls and decisions for our best interest, highest good and greatest potential, but are necessary if we are to be "happy"...which means for me a sense of well-being...i'm successful because I am between the sorrows and takes like minds...opposites attracting hasn't been a healthy thing in my life...the sharing of common bonds works best for respect and admiration...kinda says it all...nails it.


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