Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heated Presidential Election...The Youth Vote Really Counts

Are we caught up in this very vital cliffhanger of a primary for the nominees of the Democratic and Republican Parties or what?

This is indeed an exciting time as history takes place with the prospect of America's first Woman or African American President. What I love is how the youth vote is important and profiled. I believe they're aware of the issues, perhaps, moreso than other demographic groups. They know many kids can't read and dropout of high school, the lack of job opportunities for college graduates and many companies are no longer anchored in the United States. Our youth understand how expensive education is and have mounting student loans to prove it. Generation X and Next are perceptive and instinctive and are closer to the truth and heart of issues than many of their elders because they live in a constant world of harsh realism, disappointment and radical change. Whether young democrats or young republicans, they're more invested in the future of the country they will someday run than ever before. We saw this begining in the 60s with sit-ins and the overall counter-culture revolution, from being against a war that college students, hippies [flower children], black activists and militants felt was not ours to fight to political unrest in bringing down the staus quo and old guard establishment. They protested against police brutality, discrimination, a deceptive government to the spreading of propaganda that enslaves the minds of the masses. We've come full-cirlce!

Here we are again in 2008 and a new movement is most definitely forming and taking shape as it takes on a life all its own. Who knew? Love it or hate it, Democrat or Republican, there's no denying that change is occuring and the driving force is our youth, those deeply concerned about the economy and our future, the disenchanted/disgusted and Americans who truly love this country so much, they're willing to come out in record numbers and cast their vote for his or her candidate of choice over feeling apathetic.

It's a wonderful time to see so many involved in the political process. We'll see an increase of political science majors, constitutional lawyers, possibly lowering the voting age, more young politicians will emerge as a result of this movement and 2008 election as we continue to "rock the vote." The United States will get back on its feet, Americans will work for it and demand it. The "people" are speaking...I hope both parties are listening!


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