Tuesday, November 11, 2008

President Elect Obama...What Does it Mean?

Through all of the tears and cheers of joy or even the agony of defeat, we've entered into a historical space of time, unlike any other, yet on the shoulders of many others. I believe this "change" is going to affect all of our lives in some way, especially, since I believe in collective consciousness. We've all suffered through the low disapproval ratings for America from countries around the world. It would be only befitting for us to prosper from a more positive consenus. All eyes is on America and how the first African American President will govern complete with all the hurdles, in-fighting, disappointments and victories is of supreme interest!

This is a pivotal moment in human history and this time belongs to all of us whether we voted for President Elect Obama or not. There's a quantum shift happening in the universe and this experience is an unstoppable force of nature that just had to occur.

I believe Mr. Obama will do a great job because he will be well-advised and this is one of the reasons he beat the GOP (Republican Party) and Clinton machines; he obviously listens well and carefully weighs options. I believe with so many invested in helping Obama's presidency to be successful one while proudly serving their country and public office, terrorists, financial ruin, a depressed economy, a failing healthcare system, poor educational opportunites and loss of jobs will be managed well and viable solutions presented and executed.

It'll take two terms and beyond to bring this country back to solvency and to experience the monumental growth as we've experienced in the past, whether technology companies in Silicon Valley or the Star Bucks Coffee Stores phenomenal. At least, Americans can be hopeful and take pride that it broke from conventional patterns and together we took the leap that is based on hope and public trust, inspiration and basic values, sounds familiar? It's what America means for most of us, regardless of race, religion or creed, a country where one can practice the religion of his or her choice, get an education, work or start a business on many levels. America is not without its blemishes and imperfections, such as, disparities for the rich and poor which dictate one's quality of life, a very poor public educational system for our most vulnerable, the inner cities and rural America suffer generational abject poverty in the wealthiest country in the world, a super power. Our suffering middle-class are becoming extinct and need and deserve a bailout plan, along the many Americans living below the povery line. President Elect Obama won't be able to remedy all of our social ills, retore every human right, obliterate racism, sexism, ageism and all the other isms that plague our society. But, I believe what his administration and legacy accomplishes will greatly improve our current crisis, breed new dynamic leadership, especially, among our youth, mend fences with our global neighbors around the world and lead this country back to being respected and revered and rid us of the imperialistic image we now have.

Give this piece of history, force of nature, destiny its time to unfold and present the gifts for this age. Just as Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, by the late 1950s most homes had television sets and we watched the first man walk on the moon in 1961, IBM is credited for developing the first successful personal computer in 1975 after years of prototypes, Bill Gates believed in his software vision while others moved on, You Tube forever changed our world in 2006 and 2008 we have an African American President and First Family in the White House.


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