Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here we are again with a brand new year! What will this year hold for you? Well, start the new year off with being kind and patient with yourself. Monitor what you expose yourself to and the company you keep. Don't over-commit or over-schedule yourself. This is a year (new and exciting opportunities) where you will need your strength and energy, so don't spread it too thinly!

Continue to share and show gratitude for what is already in your life. Don't allow gloom and depression to corner you and steal your joy! Seek Help!

Toss away being so "self-conscious" doesn't add value and should not be mistaken for humility. Just brave ahead of such seeming obstacles. It may feel like the whole world is looking at you, eyes fixated on your every move, live your life like no one's watching!

The Options Are Endless!

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Get Healthier
Complain Less
Expect The "Unexpected"
Toot Your Own Horn
Humor Yourself
Don't Take Others' Insensitivity Too Seriously
Create a Vaccum of Fun in Your Life
Take A Guided Tour of Your City
Donate To Worthy Causes
Create Your Dream Job
Help Someone Else's Dream Come True

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