Thursday, September 10, 2009

People Famous For No Reason...Amber Rose

Today it's commonplace for people to be famous for absolutely no reason at all. The perennial 15 minutes of fame now stretches way beyond the usual time span. Reality shows can make instant millionaires for those prepared to seize the moment. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, co-host on the Emmy Awarding winning show "The View," got her celebrity start as an contestant on "Survivor" in 2001, placing 4th ranking in cast-offs. The most notorious villain of reality TV, Omarosa, still commands headlines and interviews after her stint on the first Apprentice Show season in 2004.

It’s just the times we live in. When I see Nicole Richie on the the cover of magazines, I still kinda wonder how and why? But, her celebrity has grown on me and being a mom agrees with her. Nicole's really using her celebrity in very positive ways and she's a role model and cautionary tale to young girls who battle teen issues, drugs and eating disorders.

Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton kinda got this ball rolling to this megastar degree. We’ve always had celebutantes, but never this much media and wide exposure 24/7, the internet, cable broadcasters, magazines and shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

Celebrity moms and girlfriends of famous guys generate many photos and gossip for websites, magazines and entertainment news shows. One of the latest hot girlfriends to be celebrated and grace infinite blogs, websites and magazines is Kanye West's girl, Amber. These two seem to enjoy the paparazzi and being fodder for online gossip sites and magazines. Amber has also signed with the Ford Modeling Agency. Some question why is she getting so much press? The Louis Vuitton ad campaign pic kinda sums it up...they're simply hot couple!

Amber’s sense of style is so striking because many women had stopped dressing for themselves and exhibiting a unique personal style. Instead, allowing trends (fashion designers and magazine editors) to dictate their fashion sense. Often, the trendy styles aren’t always flattering for a lot of people, even if they are expensive designer labels and looks. Amber is sharp with clean lines and silhouettes, colors that pop, a mix of classics, contemporary and couture! Shows like "Gossip Girl" are definitely setting fashion trends as did the "Sex In The City" series. But, a single "it girl" always stands out!

We were going through the bohemian and retro looks and often looking too casual and peasantry. So fashionistas Rihanna and Amber kicked it up several notches and we love it and it makes news. Megan Fox is stunning, but she's also famous for being an actress. Jessica Alba's beauty and style is undeniable and more often than not, she's a red carpet favorite.

Amber is the new girl, an “eye candy” star!

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