Friday, November 6, 2009

Rihanna Breaks Silence, Great Interview With Diane Sawyer

Rihanna finally has broken her silence about the February 20, 2009 night, when she and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown argued and an altercation ensued. It was after a Pre-Grammy party that Rihanna was left beaten and bloody by Chris Brown. She shared with Diane Sawyer on ABC's 20/20 what happened that night and how she felt, why she went back with him and why she subsequently ended her two-year relationship with Brown. There're many opposing views about Rihanna and the assault, in which Brown pleaded guilty and received five years probation and 180 hours of community service, along with a restraining order that prohibits him from coming within 100 feet of Rihanna and 10 feet at industry events.

Many blame Rihanna and can't believe he beat her without her hitting or beating him first. Some women feel and some men too, that this is all a publicity stunt because Rihanna is coming out with new music on November 23rd and she just threw him under the bus.

I commend Rihanna for being quite candid while realizing her responsibility as role model, a part of being a celebrity, to the young girls that follow and look up to her and Chris Brown. Take away their money and fame and they're just like millions of others young couples experiencing dating violence! There was no way to sugar coat what happened that awful night. Chris Brown's devoted fans may be angry with Rihanna now, but he's already coming out of this and rebuilding his life, so the resentment toward Rihanna will subside. Both have to move on and have spoken and we spectators are free to have our opinions, but it's a done deal for me!

I've expressed my views on various blogs, in disbelief of women defending Chris Brown's actions and making Rihanna guilty of provoking the incident. Violence against women is far too much of a problem and concern for me to be silent. As Rihanna stated, some people are truly ignorant to the aspects of abuse and we all were ignorant to exactly what happened the night of the assault.

I believe all people deserve second chances and this includes Chris Brown! He's also a victim of domestic violence, growing up in a home with an abuser. Please parents take a look at this situation and realize the damage you're causing your kids when you allow them to exist in a home of domestic violence, get help, get out! It's very selfish to stay, very damaging to continue, very liberating and healthy to leave!

It's about "self-worth" and finding one's value! We have to set boundaries and when they're violated, it's time to exit! This is a teachable moment for our teens and adults alike who think it's OK, or normal to be hit, shaken, pushed or slapped. Always remember "you're worthy simply because you were born!" Someone will love you without him or her, the loneliness will pass, God will take care of you and your kids, give you strength day by day, the sun will indeed shine again if you're cloudy and going through a challenging period of circumstances. Life is about reinventing yourself time and time again as a constant work-in-progress! You're worthy of having good people in your life, worthy of being loved without abuse, worthy of good fortune and good times!

I wish Rihanna and Chris Brown the absolute best and will be supporting both artists, buying their music and remembering to keep them in my prayers!

Here's Chris Brown's Interview with MTV:

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