Monday, August 13, 2012

Gabby Douglas and Oprah Will Chat!

Wow, the 2012 Olympics in London was one of the best and exciting in recent history! The United States did very well with a total of 104 Medals, 46 of which were Gold. China came in second with 88 total metals and 38 gold and the host country Great Britain stood proud with a total of 65 medals and 29 were Gold. There were many shining stars and among them Gabrielle Douglas, affectionately called "Gabby!" This 16 year old wowed the world winning team Gold and an individual gold medal for all round best gymnast of these games. So it's no surprise she'll be sitting down with talk queen Oprah on her network OWN, August 25th. It's been a magical Olympian season and the world now knows of yet another great athlete and we join and celebrate and congratulate Gabby for a job well done, along with her other teammates, they made the U.S. quite proud!


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